5 Things You Should Never Do When You Are Depressed

Wed 07 December 2016

Just a little public service message here folks…Gather app

1.  Listen to Pink Floyd.  Yes, Pink Floyd are in a class all their own when it comes to art. They are arguably one of the best things in the history of music altogether. They are also in a class all their own when it comes to things that are Severely Psychologically Disturbing.

  1. Read anything at all by the poet Anne Sexton. This follows along the general rule to avoid reading writers who ended their literary career by sticking their head in a gas oven or some other like manner. What does that leave? Dr. Seuss and the dictionary I think. You’re depressed, you won’t notice the difference anyway.

  2. Watch Leaving Las Vegas.  Seriously folks.  I wouldn’t watch this one while I was in a chipper mood either. Here are 2 lives of such unrelenting bleakness that they will rob you of your last remaining scrap of will to live. I would bet that movie takes out one life for every 5 people that watch it.

  3. Read Brokeback Mountain.  Forget the movie, it doesn’t come close, I’m talking about the book. Based on the short story by Annie Proulx, it’s a wonderful glimpse into two lives so devoid of hope and joy that you won’t even know why we bother to get out of bed here on the 3rd rock from the sun. I know what I’m talking about. I read this little gem while wandering through Borders Books on a lunch break once.  Afterward I just wanted to go and lay down in the gutter and DIE. It’s the written form of Leaving Las Vegas, but you know, with guys.

5.  Try and aggressively medicate the pain away with drugs and alcohol.  That’s not to say the occasional glass of wine won’t be nice…just remember that alcohol poisoning sucks folks. Also, all that stuff will still be there when they release you from the ER with your court date and gigantic hospital bill.  Just sayin….

On the other side of things, here are 5 Things You Should Seriously Consider Doing When You Are Depressed:

1.  Listen to Car Talk. You don’t have to be interested in cars to be totally lifted up by the high spirits, good humor and infectious laughter of the Tappet Bros.  If you want the good feelings to continue, go ahead into the next hour and run with Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

2.  Drive down the freeway with all the windows down and the music turned up as loud as it can go.  This works even better if you cad add some kids and all be singing the same song at the top of your lungs.

3.  Go somewhere you’ve never been before.  Mix it up. Get in the car and just drive until nothing is familiar (do leave a trail of breadcumbs) and the unfamiliarity pulls you out of your own head.

4.  Try and do something for someone else.  Being of service helps keep you from falling too far down the rabbit hole. It keeps you connected. It’s as easy as asking someone else if they need a lift somewhere or telling them you’re thinking of them and hoping for good things for them.

  1. KNOW it’s temporary.  This is trickier, I know, because when you’re in the dark and you don’t have a match it’s hard to believe that you’ll ever see the light again. We human beings prefer to normalize as quickly as possible, even to the dark. We like to have a baseline that we can rely on. But life has never been like that…it’s why religion works for so many people; it’s a baseline they can trust. For the rest of us, perhaps it help to remember what this guy said:

The happiness wasn’t permanent…neither will the sadness be. Try and roll with it if you can.

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