Child And Family Social Worker

Fri 06 January 2017

Definition: What is child and family social worker? Different social worker academics put on different definitions based on different tree of theories, but their meaning all the same. influencer marketing Child and family social worker is used to refer social worker who socialize the children and families who have difficulties in lives and nearly forgotten by the society, help improve children and families who experience lives difficulties such as child abuse, alcoholic and drug addiction violence between children and parents, natural handicapped and after life handicapped etc to improve and promote family live, extend family function so they could use community resources to have a good family relationship as other normal families.

Child and Family Social Worker Working Environment and Nature: Child and family social work profession in Western European and North American countries developed earlier. Founded in France in 1663 Daughters of Charity Society visits and improve poor families, slum life. In 1869, the British charitable organization was founded in London clubs, and they hired volunteers to provide personal services for family members. In1919 the German marital problems counseling center was started. Early 20th century, many countries have set up a special family welfare agencies, and professionals working in child and family factor. American families’ social work from the public, private family services bureau and Family Services Association, it aims to promote family relations coordination, helping family members to adapt to society, and strengthen the positive features of family life, promote the healthy development of the family members of the personality. Mainly around causing a momentary special family member suffered a confusion of roles, poverty and lack of social resources, family relationships defects and other issues to work. Through family casework for, and carry out some community organizing activities to improve the entire system of family interaction combination therapy targeting the family, the family association, and so on.

Child and family social worker have to help other with their real hearts. They work with children and family to solve daily problems such as family relationship, children abuse, alcoholic and drug addiction, violence, incurable diseases such as aids, cancer, handicapped, unemployment etc. Family social work is not just a single individual with the help of family members, or to solve the difficulties of individual members, but the problem of individual members of the family involved in the discovery, and problem solving based on the overall family-oriented, that all members of the family are social workers serve. Specifically, from the perspective of family social work, tend to personal problems as the whole family issue. That is because individuals have difficulty making it difficult to fulfill its role as a family member should play a role, thereby assisting the task of rebuilding the family and importance far exceeds the individual’s family members difficult to help, such as the unemployed father or seriously ill mother, whose influence is not only personal suffering, but the entire family; same time, when individual members have a problem, which may be due from non-functional family, such as a home truant youth, may be non-functional victims of family, so the family social workers to deal with not only the individual young people, but need to intervene to the entire family. To promote the function and health of being part of the society, the social worker have to work hard since relationship between man to man is the most difficult thing to solve. They require deep understanding of their clients’ need and cause of the problems and take really of extra times including their private time to enter the real lives of the people in order to give good answers. For instance, a child is really being bad at school. He fights others. He always shouts to other. He never listens to the teacher. The social worker need to find the reason why he is like that. Some adopted children are abused by parents and the social worker will protect them and help to find other good living environment.

Child and family social worker need to have a good skill of communication. They spend most time with their clients in homes’ so they need to use their speaking ability to urge their clients to speak out their problems. If they don’t tell us , it is very difficult to solve the problem. In that case, we have to be patient since you can’t force they to speak. We have to become a very close friend of them and show them we are helping them and after they believe, everything will start to be good shape.

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