StrongVPN Alternative To Ultrasurf?

Mon 06 February 2017

StrongVPN Service Review

Price: $7 per month

Our Rating: 4/5

Price: $7 per month

Strong Vpn Review

StrongVPN is currently one of the best VPN services available. Even more importantly, it is one of the most affordable services, starting with $7 per monthly package.
If you are looking for a reliable VPN provider, StrongVPN will prove to be one of the best choices. It is constantly rated as one of the best, the most reliable VPN providers both by users and by reviewers, and the reason is simple – it’s strong and it works.
StrongVPN possess a large and scalable network that offers high quality VPN access with great performance and stable reliability. Absolutely all StrongVPN accounts offer unlimited VPN access.

Supported Protocols
OpenVPN SSL (perfect for countries with Internet censorship)

PPTP/L2PT (designed for mobile devices)

SSTP (the best protocol for Win 7)

Server selection and switching will depend on the chosen plan

StrongVPN has profound experience in Internet service providing, which is why they have perfect understanding of what a quality product should look like. StrongVPN, initially a small company selling computers, soon began to offer Internet Service for the local area (South Lake Tahoe). Not long afterwards, they began to offer Dedicated Servers and Colocation services. ultrasurf online Currently, they possess an extended user base, loyal to their provider.

OS and Platforms
StrongVPN is compatible with the majority of operational systems and runs on most of the popular gadgets, including







Windows mobile

Mac OS



IP Addresses
StrongVPN possesses 315 servers in 19 countries, including U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Norway, France, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Japan.

The following packages are available

Lite PPTP (99 servers, US only) – 

$7 a month

Standard PPTP (107 servers, US only) – 

$12 a month

Deluxe PPTP (157 servers, 16 countries) – 

$15 a month

Lite Open (163 servers, US only) – 

$10 a month

Standard Open (172 servers, US only) – 

$15 a month

Deluxe Open (258 servers, 17 countries) – $20 a month

Premium (264 servers, 19 countries) – $30 a month


Log Policy
StrongVPN keeps no record of your Internet activities, such as websites you visit, files you download, etc.
They only record data, necessary for performance analysis, such as Date,time and location of your VPN connection Length of your VPN connection and bandwidth used.

StrongVPN supports Paypal / Visa / Mastercard / Amex / Wire Transfer / DISCOVER / Google Checkout / Western Union / JCB / Checks

Customer Service
The responsive support service answers your questions within 10-15 minutes via live chat and in less than hours via email. You can reach support with  any questions and issues via



24/7 live chat

Remote desktop

Support ticket



StrongVPN offers a very wide range of services with strong network capacity and all of this for a very affordable price.

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